Susanna Seriola-Vesa

Mythic beauty and deep feelings

Drawing and painting have been a natural way for Susanna to express herself since childhood. She studied interior architecture at the University of Industrial Arts Helsinki and did both design work and art for several years. For the last ten years Susanna has been focusing only on painting. She draws influence for her paintings primarily from ancient history and mythology. Susanna has always been fascinated by worn, patinated surfaces, walls, murals, frescos.

A major part of Susanna’s themes are animal figures or human faces through which she expresses her emotions and matters that she feels the need to deal with. For Susanna, using animal figures makes it easier to reflect even on awkward issues, whereas human figures cause a more direct reaction.

Our ways of social communication are interesting and unintentional, but also very useful in many situations. We communicate subconsciously with unknown people (and animals as well) by looking in their eyes and create the first impression that is difficult to change later. What interests Susanna the most is how she can process her feelings and emotions when painting and also transmit these impressions through two-dimensional paintings.


Yo Tampereen yhteiskoulun ilmaisutaidon lukio -highschool 1982

Art studies:

Pirkkala art school 2003-2007
Private studies / professional artist Lasse Marttinen 2000-2003
Helsinki University of Industrial Arts, additional art studies 1987-1988
Helsinki University of Industrial Arts,
main studies interior architecture and furniture design 1982-1987

Selected private exhibitions:

Mirroring-Peilikuvia, Sarastus forum, Turin ITALY 2016
Mirroring-Peilikuvia, Viljamakasiini Ruovesi FINLAND 2016
Gallery Kapriisi, Tampere FINLAND 2016
Galley Galilei, Turku FINLAND 2014-2015
Gallery Patina, Jyväskylä FINLAND 2013-2016
Gallery 4-kuus, Helsinki FINLAND 2010-2017
Neliö-Gallery, Oulu FINLAND 2013-2017
Neliö-Gallery, Oulu FINLAND 2007-2009
Suomi Gallery, Stockholm SWEDEN 2007
Hovinkartano Art Center, Hauho FINLAND 2007
Gallery Ulaani, Helsinki FINLAND 2007-2011
Gallery Nunes, Helsinki FINLAND 2006
Gallery Ulaani, Helsinki FINLAND 2005
Gallery Seriola, Tampere FINLAND 2004
Galleri CM Bellman, Stockholm SWEDEN 2004-2006
Poriginal Gallery Pori FINLAND 2003
Art Gallery Ripustus, Hämeenlinna FINLAND 2003
Kirsten Kjaers Museum, DENMARK 2003
Gallery Ateljee Kämpe, Turku FINLAND 2000

Selected group exhibitions:

Tampere-talo culture hall, 3 women group FINLAND 2014
Pirkanmaa 3. triennale, Tampere FINLAND 2006
Stockholm art fair, SWEDEN 2008
”ELK”, Hirvi-exhibition, Notodden NORWAY 2003
”ELK”, Hirvi-exhibition, Scandinavian embassy, Berlin GERMANY 2004
Art-Helsinki contemporary art fair, FINLAND 2008-2011
Ruka-Art, Kuusamo FINLAND 2009-2013
Gallery Fogga, Helsinki FINLAND 2010-2016

Art competitions:

SKJL Finnish Art Organisation logo-design 1. price 2007
Art Rom ”Textures” –painting competition 3. price 2006

Paintings in collections:

Ospedale San Giovanni –cancer hospital, Turin ITALY, Oulun seudun Ammattikorkeakoulu, OAMK / Oulu FINLAND College for Educational Studies, Parkano city FINLAND and many private collections, for example, in Finland, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Singapore, England, Italy, Spain